Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HUGE Itinerary Update!

Yesterday our tour schedule through the beginning of April came out. Other than Las Vegas, all of these cities and most of the states will be new to me. How exciting!! So many places I've always wanted to go: New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Portland...and a few I've never even heard of!

You can check out the new schedule over there on the right hand side ------->

*it's the last one in the right hand column

**also, keep in mind that these dates can change and aren't officially, official until they show up on the tour website and/or


La Bomba said...

Its very nice to have found this blog, Kari!!
I was looking for the exact days of the tour coming to mexico and I saw this :) Very nice, I hope you could write a bit more!:D haahaha
I was wondering if youre the girl with the awesome pink hair that used to like my ring and whose ring I loved too?? Remember me? Im Brent's ex-gf.. I toured with you guys for like 3 months (april-june)
Welcome back to mexico, if you want to know about places to visit & hang out or hang out together, let me know!! :)

fuzzygothgirl said...

How did you become one of the puppeteers for Walking With Dinosaurs? This is something I would love to get into!