Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Week Of Many Firsts

In addition to getting magnets from every city, I've also been taking pictures of the outside of each arena we perform in. For the first time, I wasn't able to take a picture of the outside of our arena. We were in Atlanta, well, actually Duluth, Ga; performing at Gwenette Place and I failed to take a pic.

Speaking of magnets, I have a feeling I wont be getting one for our shows in Pensacola. Which leads me to my next set of firsts...this week we're trying something new with our show schedule. We're usually in one city each week. Monday is travel day, Tuesday is load in and shows are Wed - Sun, then we start all over again. This week we're splitting it between Pensacola and Baton Rouge. Sunday night the crew loaded out and traveled overnight on sleeper buses, then awoke in Pensacola and began loading in. Today, Tuesday, (the usual load in day and the performers day off) they are finishing up the load in, we're doing the tech run of the show and the opening performance this evening. We have two performances tomorrow, with the crew then loading out and traveling over night again to Baton Rouge. Thursday, while the crew is loading in, we'll be traveling by bus to Baton Rouge. We'll do a tech run Friday afternoon and open that night, with 3 shows on Saturday, & 2 on Sunday before loading out again! WHEW!! So since our time in Pensacola is so short, and Im not in any airports or anywhere that remotely looks like they'd have souvenirs, I don't think I'll be getting any magnets this week.

Also, this week, for the first time, I'll be on my own. I mentioned that I was taking over as Lead Voodoo for Platy, Allo and Anky. My rehearsals are done and Paul, who helped teach me the role and gave me constant guidance and advice during the process, has left the tour. It's all me now. It's both exciting and scary...but Im up to the challenge.


Boylerplate said...

Saw the show last night in Pensacola with my 3y/o son and came across your blog today. I wanted to congratulate you on your first night as lead and tell you you did a great job! Keep up the good work and enjoy the tour.

Kari said...

Thank you so much!